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Concrete Survey and Repairs

We offer clients a full advanced building pathology approach to defects including concrete condition assessments which include on-site survey, concrete sampling and testing to establish the true and accurate condition of a concrete structure.

The durability and condition of reinforced concrete depends on the relationship between the cover to the reinforcement, the carbonation depth, the chloride ion content, the exposure conditions and quality of the concrete.

For example, elevated levels of chloride within the concrete can lead to accelerated deterioration of concrete under damp conditions. Chloride may have been used in the original concrete mix or may have ingressed as sea spray or de-icing salts.

In addition, the use of High Alumina Cement (HAC) was found to have caused a number of well publicised structural failures during the 1970’s. The use of HAC was subsequently banned.

Carbonation of concrete is another prevalent issue encountered and is associated with the corrosion of steel reinforcement embedded within the concrete structure. It involves a reaction of carbon dioxide in the environment with the calcium hydroxide in the cement paste. This reaction produces calcium carbonate and affects the PH value causing the protective oxide layer surrounding the reinforcing steel to break down, allowing corrosion to take place. 

Given the range of mechanisms that can lead to decay, it is imperative that a full condition and durability assessment is undertaken in order to fully understand the problem and allow accurate diagnosis of cause and effect to be achieved. This will be particularly important during property acquisition surveys or prior to embarking upon a scheme of repair to a reinforced concrete structure.

To assist, the following concrete services are offered:

  • Visual inspection
  • Site concrete sampling for laboratory testing including petrographic analysis.
  • Analysis to determine the Chloride content
  • ASR / HAC / Cement Content Analysis
  • Cover meter surveys and tests to determine depth of carbonation
  • Half cell potential survey
  • Compressive strength of concrete

Following an on-site survey and targeted sampling exercise, we will produce a detailed report that outlines observations and interprets the results of the survey and the laboratory analysis to confirm the condition of the concrete investigated. From this, we can provide technical advice and will prepare detailed specifications that address the works required to remedy the defect(s). Such specifications will be supported by specialist manufacturers warranties as required.

Concrete Repairs

Corinthia are specialists in the application of concrete repair and protective systems to remedy a host of concrete defects, all of which are specifically designed to preserve the life of the reinforced structure. We can therefore guide our clients through the process of diagnosis, repair and protection with a harmonised solution to provide long term durability.

We work closely with a number of specialist manufacturers and utilise a comprehensive range of proprietary concrete repair and remedial solutions, which are proven to meet and exceed industry standards.

In addition to repair mortars, such as lightweight high build polymer enhanced and high strength materials, we promote and apply a number of corrosion management systems such as surface applied products designed to migrate through the concrete and protect the steel through to embedded electro-chemical systems such as cathodic protection. 

For cracks and voids in concrete, we are fully conversant with a range of low viscosity and thixotropic resin injection based systems to chemically bond the substrate together and seal fractures, void fillers and other specialist materials such as hydrophobic resins, water stop and joint sealant systems designed to address waterproofing concerns.

If loss of integrity and strength in the concrete structure is an issue, we are able to assist in designing and delivering additional integral support through bespoke solutions such as carbon fibre strengthening to improve load bearing capacity, bending, shear or impact resistance as the case may be.

Beyond this, we offer further surface treatments that not only improve aesthetics, but most importantly increase effective cover and prolong the life of the building or structure for many years to come. Products includes include pore fillers, levelling mortars, fairing coats and render systems together with other protective coatings such as elastomeric and anti-carbonation paints all designed to increase effective cover and prolong the life of the structure for many years beyond its design life.   

Whether the issue is age related deterioration or new build, Corinthia’ s technical knowledge and experience of vast remedial solutions, deliver added value to our clients. With a wide array of application techniques and detailed knowledge of the causes of deterioration we are able to offer a total solution to the problem.