Lion Bridge, Alnwick, Northumberland

Project Description


The project involved careful conservation repair and consolidation works to Lion Bridge, a Grade I Listed Structure in Alnwick, Northumberland.

The following elements applied:

Hammer test, remove friable areas of previous coatings and repair as required.

Re-point in lime based mortar to the contract specification all open joints identified.  

Supply, mason and fix geologically matching stone to areas identified and detailed in the Scheduled Ancient Monument Consent including stockade chevron stones, arched voussoir stones, merlons and embrasure stone to the upper parapet etc.;

Supply all necessary equipment to facilitate access. Following an assessment of the site and its wider constraints, need to avoid any physical fixings into the schedule monument, extent and scope of works and time frame, a combination of methods were employed. These included an independent scaffolding to the east wing/abutment walls on both upstead and downsteam elevations, mobile tower scaffolding to the access to land barrel sections, a 38m truck mounted bronto for general access and edge protection for the parapet works and face work such as spandrel and abutment walls for re-pointing and finally a MBI150 Underbridge Unit to access the barrel intrados areas above the water and any lower sections of the facework.

The project involved extensive coordination with both the client, Northumberland County Council and Historic England to ensure the most effective and systematic working that would promote the preservation of as much of the historic and original material as possible.

Client: Northumberland County Council
Listing: Grade I Listed Structure and Schedule Ancient Monument