Mosswood Water Treatment Plant

Project Description


Important structural concrete repairs carried out to the upper section of the side wall to a holding tank which was inoperable at the time.

The works to repair the defective concrete encasing the steel reinforcement to an area of approximately 7m x 0.3m x 0.2m were required to restore the tank and bring it back into commission. However, the project had the added challenge of being positioned adjacent to a live tank, therefore avoiding any cross contamination by the works required careful management and mitigating measures on this high profile environmental site.

Northumbrian Water’s Mosswood treatment works, near Consett in Co. Durham was constructed in the 1960’s and has many of the original features intact. The site, which supplies drinking water for South Tyneside, Washington and part of Sunderland therefore continues to be an essential facility for the area.

It was imperative therefore, that the works did not impede the running of the site in anyway and that the project following and complied with the safety principles, stringent site rules and protocol established and implemented by Esh and Northumbrian Water. 

To combat any loose and debonded material from falling into the adjacent live tank, a waterproof and sealed protective shutter was installed prior to commencement of the works.

All defective concrete was removed to expose the circumference of the steel reinforcement which was prepared and treated with Flexcrete Steel Reinforcement Protector 841, then the area subsequently built up and repaired in layers by hand placed methods using Flexcrete Monomix, a material containing fibrous fillers and an acrylic polymer modified dispersion.

The scheme was a success and all repair works followed a detailed specification prepared by Flexcrete and approved by the client engineer.

Client: Esh & Northumbrian Water